Taboo Treasures provides balance and harmony for the mind and body through the promotion and sale of CBD-oil infused products. Our CBD-oil infused products are third-party lab tested for quality and purity to ensure customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance with all applicable laws. All CBD is whole plant hemp-derived, and then extracted by CO2 processes. CBD can be ingested under the tongue for the quickest absorption rate into body, or applied topically to the skin. Our CBD products are 100% naturally-safe, non-addictive, and effective. Consumers seeking better solutions for relaxation, focus, or better sleep may benefit from our high-quality products. Please shop our family of full-spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate supplements for your specific CBD needs!

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I loved the salve cream. I had pains in my knee before. My knee has never felt better after rubbing the Salve Cream on it. I also felt really relaxed after taking the drops of tincture, extremely relaxed. I highly recommend these products for pain and relaxation.


About two hours ago I applied a layer of your medical CBD Salve to my aching right knee.In about 5 minutes the aching and pain that has persisted for months started to diminish.It continued to diminish for the next 10 minutes until there was no more aching or pain. Forthe first time in months I am pain free. I very highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing aching or pain in their joints. Thank you for long lasting relief.


The salve is by far my favorite provides instant relief to area its applied to and lasts surprisingly longer than expected. I was able to go a full day pain free in my knee for the first time in years. The wholistic approach offered by your family of products have changed my pain management game. #LOVETABOOTREASURES